Review: "What She Wants" & "What She Craves", by Anne Rainey 9

Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
Series: Cape May Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-60928-144-1
Length: Short Story
Format: e-Book
Available: August 3, 2010

Summer just got a whole lot hotter…

Summer Chase has already loved and lost once and she has no intention of going through that pain again. But when a hunky Camaro-driving P.I. shows up at her B & B looking for a room for the week, she sees something more than a hard-bodied guest. For the first time since her husband’s death, Summer’s sexual interest is awakening, and she’s not about to hit the snooze button!

Gage Knight is a P.I. in desperate need of a vacation. His impromptu trip to Cape May, New Jersey, seems just what he needs to relax and unwind. But when he knocks on the door of Chase’s Bed & Breakfast and comes face to face with sexy owner, Summer Chase, relaxing drops to the bottom of his to-do list. Now all he wants is a tasty Summer treat, and he plans to take his time, savoring the curvaceous beauty one inch at a time.

Question is…can she watch Gage drive off into the sunset when the week comes to an end?

Warning: This story contains a hard-as-nails, ornery, demanding, tattooed PI eager to please, a widow ready to get back to the business of living and loving, and the kind of hot summer sex that you just might want to bookmark for later.

My Thoughts:

When I am in the mood for a sweet, hot erotic romance that has a strong alpha hero and that special woman in his life, I reach for a story written by Anne Rainey. The first tale in Ms. Rainey’s “Cape May” series, What She Wants is about a hard working young widow who has etched out a living by turning her home into a bed and breakfast following the sudden death of her husband 2 years earlier. While Summer Chase keeps very busy seeing to the day to day running of her little establishment she hasn’t been involved with a man since she lost her husband and is lonely. Then sexy as hell Gage Knight arrives for a one week stay at her B&B and sparks fly.

Once Gage does a little gentle prodding and learns that the lovely Summer isn’t involved with anyone he wastes no time and asks her out. This is a short story and their relationship blossoms into intense intimacy quickly. It is also a Samhain “Red Hot” contemporary romance, and is sexually explicit. Ms. Rainey writes sizzling love scenes, and while her heroes do tend to be dominate alpha males she always adds just the right amount of tenderness and kindness making them that much more appealing.

Gage has no intention of staying in Cape May, New Jersey, or settling down. He has a lucrative private investigation business in Ohio, he therefore has some decisions to make when he develops strong feelings for Summer. And, Summer knows Gage will be leaving after his one week vacation and she resolves herself to the fact she will have to say goodbye. Summer struggles with guilt over their hot and heavy affair and for developing feelings for Gage in such a short span of time. She feels this sullies her husband’s memory.

I loved the setting of “What She Wants”, Summer’s B&B overlooks the ocean, it is very picturesque, Ms. Rainey writes with a sensuous descriptive prose that makes Gage and Summer’s story all the more special. If you enjoy a hot erotic, contemporary short story, you may like to give “What She Wants”, a try.

Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
Series: Cape May Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-60928-267-7
Length: Short Story
Format: e-Book
Available: December 14, 2010

Unwrapping these gifts could get a girl in a world of trouble.

Tory Jeffries likes things simple. A modest home, a web design business, easygoing men. Except there’s never one around when she needs one—and she needs a date for the event of the year, her friend Con Walker’s annual Christmas party. Not that she couldn’t go alone, but spending the evening as a third wheel doesn’t appeal.

When her old friend Devon Mason turns up dateless as well, she anticipates a fun evening with her flirty, bad-boy buddy. Then Devon and Con offer her a Christmas treat that her inner slut begs her not to refuse. A night with both delicious, muscular men. In Con’s bed. Naked.

After growing up together with an up-close-and-personal view of life’s ugly side, it doesn’t surprise Devon and Con that they’ve fallen for the same woman. They’ve watched her date men who aren’t nearly good enough for her, and now it’s time to show the fiery blonde just how perfectly she fits in their sinful fantasy sandwich. When they take their first long, slow taste, something extraordinary happens. They fall in love.

Now all they have to do is convince their suddenly skittish princess that fairy tales can come true…

Warning: This book contains one sassy heroine getting two tasty alpha heroes for Christmas. Expect some crazy hot m/f/m sex and a Christmas Eve party that’ll blow your stockings clean off.

My Thoughts:

Tory Jeffries is Summer Chase’s best friend and is introduced in “What She Wants”. As well as operating he own web design business, she helps Summer out at the B&B. “What She Craves”, is friends to lovers romance which is my favorite theme and Anne Rainey offers two for the price of one in this story because as the synopsis alludes it is a menage a trois involving Tory and her two closest male friends Devon and Con. Ms. Rainey characterizes two very strong alphas in these guys who are best friends. They both come from meagre beginnings and have worked very hard and built up lucrative businesses. They have shared women in the past and both have wanted Tory for a long time, a woman who has never seen them as anything more than good friends.

So, the guys concoct a scheme to finally woo their strong willed and independent friend into a sexual relationship. Devon invites her to Con’s yearly Christmas Eve party, Tory accepts and the plan is hatched. While Tory is quite astounded to find that both Con and Devon want her, she does succumb to their charms. “What She Craves”, is another very sensuous, sexually explicit short story, but it isn’t just hot sex. Con and Devon want a long term relationship with Tory, which sends her running scared. Despite having strong feelings for both the guys she experiences guilt about what has transpired in Con’s bedroom, and cannot foresee a relationship with both these strong alpha men working out.

I loved the sensuality of both these stories but what I also enjoyed is that Ms. Rainey develops a strong supportive friendship between Tory and Summer. They are there for each other through the good and bad times.

If you enjoy a hot erotic friends to lovers menage a trois short story, you may like to give “What She Craves”, a try. I would suggest reading these stories in order as Ms. Rainey, does develp the storyline over the course of the series. I also have to comment that if you are a fan of Ms. Rainey’s “Vaughn” series, I think you may enjoy her “Cape May” series equally.

My Ratings:

“What She Wants”: 4/5 stars
“What She Craves”: 5/5 stars

Heat Level: Check the Samhain Warnings. ;)


Looking Forward To:

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
Cape May, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-60928-370-4
Length: Short Story
Publication Date: February 22, 2011

Taking turns was never their strong suit…

Devon Mason and Con Walker are sexy, honorable, loving, and completely devoted. In other words, everything Tory looks for in a relationship. But what’s she supposed to buy her two lovers on V Day? Chocolate? How average is that? Their little love triangle is anything but average!

When Con surprises her with a weekend in Cancun, just the three of them, Tory is all over it—until she realizes Con forgot to include Devon in the package. Now their little love triangle is suffering, thanks to a couple of hard-headed men who both want to be numero uno.

Con was content to let Devon take control at Christmas, but now it’s his turn. A weekend in Cancun seems the perfect place for a romantic getaway—then Devon says he’s planning to surprise Tory with a trip to Aruba, and Con’s possessive instincts kick in. He’d always been happy to share Tory with the guy he cares for like a brother. But the deeper Con falls in love, the harder it is to keep from ripping Tory away from Devon.

Sooner or later something—or someone—is going to give.

Warning: This title contains lots of steamy, explicit sex. Hot, jealous men in need of a strong, intelligent woman. And a warm, loving ménage a trois relationship.

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