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A big thank you to Kassa for extending an invite to join the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl again this year. It’s been inspiring for someone who has been a faltering blogger to follow along and read all the well crafted letters to authors whose work has become special to each of us for a variety of reasons. This year’s Blog Crawl is significant for me not only because it allows me to express my admiration and love of the work penned by an author I respect, it’s also jump started my enthusiasm for blogging again. I have to admit to feeling a little intimidated after reading all the exceptional letters published thus far but here goes!

Dear Larissa:

In 2008, when I first ventured into the realm of online discussion about books I chatted with a fellow romance reader through the loop. We shared a commonality in that we both enjoyed paranormal romance and she led me to a book called Pleasure Unbound. I read Eidolon and Tayla’s story non-stop and have to admit to being gobsmacked. We all have sub genres in romance that resonate more to our individual reading tastes than others. One of mine is dark erotic paranormal romance that doesn’t spare the graphic gritty details in a fast paced, action packed narrative. You not only set bar in the genre for me, but have maintained and surpassed it with each novel as you continue to develop and expand your Demonica world. The passionate and conflicted romances that you plot for heroes and heroines who have often lead long, tortured lives always leave me breathless. Many readers talk about a series that is their crack when discussing connected stories penned by favorite authors. My crack is the Demonica novels penned by Larissa Ione. Each time I finish one of your novels I’m left panting for the next story, we now have the Lords of Deliverance, and I can’t wait to see where you take the horsemen next!

PhotobucketYou have always made a point of engaging your readers who post reviews and share comments about your work online. After reading Pleasure Unbound and “chatting” with you at the Amazon forum I found your website and linked with a Yahoo Readers Group you frequent. It was through this venue that I discovered blogging and created closetreader. Blogging has been an enriching experience that allowed me to connect with some amazing and intelligent people from all over the world. So you see Larissa, your novels have not only enriched my reading life you were instrumental in introducing me to a worldwide community of people who share a passion for romance novels, no matter what the genre. Further, through you I learned of the work of authors Jaci Burton, Beth Kery, Stephanie Tyler, Lara Adrian and most recently Virna De Paul. Their books all share special places on my keeper shelf.

Lastly, thank you for your friendship over the past 3 years and I am so looking forward to meeting you in New York next week! I am and will remain your devoted fan. ;)

Warmest Regards

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